Mission Bay, Whale Watching Tour for my Grandsons Birthday, Feb 2022

Surprising! We had all been cooped up for the pandemic and everyone in my family was nervous to go out, so my daughter had the great idea to go on a little excursion, Mission Bay whale watching!. Yay! So, it tied in great with my grandsons birthday (who wants to be a heart surgeon) and he has been fascinated with how big a gray whales heart is. He mentioned several times that day (surprisingly) that it weights 260 lbs! I love what a kid loves so I’m in it with him.

Look at the little dolphin jumping out there on the water!

It was freezing out there on the water, even though we bundled up, it was very cold.

Expecting to see whales jumping out of the water, a tail slap or even a little showing off, all we really saw was a squirt of water now and again and it was sometines too far off to notice.

Whale spout
family photo

Here are my kids, bundled up and trying to stay warm, my grandson wants to swim with the whales, funny, so did I.

The nice thing about masks is they really are useful in cold weather!

My handsome husband, coming from a long line of sea faring men, he was on the look out! I dont know if he found it but he was looking!

our look out

Sunset on Mission Bay, time for the beauty

Sunset on Mission Bay

The trip is winding down, sun is going down and of course this is the perfect lighting for taking photos. What a great end to a nice day!

Recommend to anyone, Mission Bay whale watching, get outside, enjoy nature, you might see spectacular whales, you might not. It’s a chance you take. Spending time with family, getting out of the house, being in nature. This is what I needed!

The sun setting on the water, no where else could have been more beautiful or peaceful for that matter. After the last few years and what we all have been through, I am thanking God for our blessings and just grateful to be out on the water. Even the cold was managable and it makes you feel alive.

Thank you so much for spending a little time with me and my daughters family on our little whale watching excursion.

(This photo is in my collection and available for purchase, just click on the image and it will take you to my website.)

Mission Bay Sunset Photo


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